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Now Available!
DataEdge QMS (Quality Monitoring Software) Version 5.0
DataMart QC (Microsoft SQL Server)    Clients (Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7)
Main Features
  • Automated data collection from test stations (Sodim, KC, Cerulean)
  • SQL Server database for centralized data storage and configurations
  • Real-time/historical SPC visualization for plant floor process control
  • Management mode for plant floor monitoring, reporting and data mining
Value Added Features
  • Real-time messaging system (management to operator notifications)
  • Machine logging tool (corrective actions/preventive maintenance)
  • Site documentation module (PDF file viewing)
  • Software extensions capability (add-on's, customizations, etc.)

Click below see DataLink QC in action

Also Available!
Notification/Email Server (NES) Version 1.2

Send automated system messages (real-time or scheduled) to managers and operators for SPC violations (USL, LSL, URL, LRL, UCL, LCL).  Messages can be sent to workstations running DataLink QC or any device capable of receiving plain text email.

Pilot installations are available for the evaluation of our products in real-time mode.

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